Automated Trading

In order to efficiently scale business, a high-performance automated trading engine is vital. Orc’s engine is optimized for derivatives trading and has the flexibility needed to quickly deploy sophisticated trading strategies on markets globally. Find out more about trading strategies.


Orc Tbricks Orc Liquidator

Market Making

Low latency together with tools that specifically address the needs of market makers are key to staying competitive, capture market share and reduce risk. Orc’s server-based asynchronous quoting engine, sophisticated hedging and work-flow is designed to meet exactly these needs.

Click Trading

Efficient manual trading capabilities are needed to act on market opportunities and to manage risk. Orc provides single click trading mode for instant order entry and support for a wide variety of exchange supported and synthetic order types.


Orc Tbricks Orc Trader

Pricing & Risk

In order to accurately control trading risk, high-performance pricing and risk calculations are vital when trading derivatives. The Orc platform offers real-time risk and P&L including a wide variety of pricing models and over 100 risk values. It also allows for integration with proprietary analytics such as pricing and volatility models

Monitor & control

When trading a large number of instruments on multiple markets efficient monitoring and control tools becomes a requirement. With Orc, parallel trading engines on multiple markets can be controlled from a single frontend. The ability to trade across markets, asset classes and trading strategies using a unified trader workflow allows for scaling the business. The two-way event-driven workflow lets trader focus on essential events and to act with the click of a button.

Financial Instruments

Powered by an innovative app-based architecture, dedicated quantitative team and expansive market connectivity, Orc Tbricks is capable of pricing & trading instruments in a wide range of asset classes on markets across the globe. With support for Equities, Futures, Options, FX, ETFs and more, in a variety of trading styles including click trading, algorithmic trading, spreading and market making, Orc Tbricks empowers businesses with cross-asset trading and unique possibilities – new pricing models and trading strategies can easily be added as new apps.


Orc Tbricks

Pre-trade risk and compliance

In a dynamic regulatory environment firms need a flexible system to satisfy both mandatory and internal requirements. Orc’s multi-market pre-trade validation tools offers the control and visibility needed to stay compliant without losing competitive edge. It includes real-time enforcement of trading limits and activities on multiple levels across multiple markets.


Orc Flow Control

Market Access

Robust, low-latency access to markets is the cornerstone of any profitable trading operation. Orc provides fast, reliable access to over 150 exchanges, brokers and liquidity pools in the critical areas of execution, market data and reference data. The market access platform also allows for building custom market gateways to any trading venue or internal system.


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